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Six arrested in drug bust, all with previous prison records

Mexico City, Mexico — Six men have been arrested in a drug bust in a district of Mexico City.

Public security police captured six subjects in the Cuauhtémoc area of Mexico City when police seized approximately 30 kilos of marijuana.

The Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico City reported that police were performing routine surveillance when they saw the suspects exchange money for drugs.

The police officers intervened, detaining the six people ranging in age from 22 to 38.

Upon personal inspection of each, they were found carrying plastic bags of marijuana weighing approximately 30 kilos. They were also found carrying two containers and a scale.

All six were arrested and handed over to authorities. Upon investigation, police found one of the arrested already had a five-time record for serving in the Mexico City Penitentiary with one of the other men having spent time in prison for a break and enter crime. The other four were imprisoned in the North Men’s Preventive Prison.