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Six bodies found executed in region of Oaxaca

Papalopan Basin, Oaxaca — The bodies of six people were located on the side of federal highway 145, near the municipality of Loma Bonita, in the region of the Papalopan Basin in Oaxaca .

The victims, which included one woman, are reported to have ranged in age between 30 and 50. The executed bodies were found half naked with visible traces of torture.

Fátima Sánchez Díaz, Public Ministry in the Basin, appeared at the scene accompanied by members of the State Police and the State Investigation Agency to proceed with the lifting of the bodies and the beginning of investigations.

An anonymous message that circulated through social networks accredited this criminal act to a presumed Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), who also warned the inhabitants of that area to refrain from going out into the streets at night.

Last weekend several trucks circulated in a vehicle convoy labeled with the acronym CJNG carrying high power weapons, warning the citizens of their arrival to Loma Bonita. No municipal, state or federal authority offered any statement in this case.

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