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Starbucks Mexico may begin offering alcoholic beverages

Mexico City, Mexico — Starbucks coffee says they may begin offering alcoholic beverages in their stores across the country over the next year.

The Starbucks coffee chain, which operates as Alsea in Mexico, could start selling alcohol within the national market, just as they did in the United States.

During the opening of the store’s first Reserve Bar in Mexico, the company’s CEO of Mexico Christian Gurria said, “Regarding Mexico on the subject of alcoholic beverages, we do not rule out anything.

“We do not have visibility of whether we will do it this year or next, however, nothing is ruled out.”

The chain of cafeterias plans an investment of 800 million peso between 2017 and 2018 in Mexico, which will generate 1,209 jobs and added to the 7,000 employees that the company already has.

The annual opening plan is 50 stores, however, the company could exceed both the amount of investment and the number of new units due to the launch of Reserve Bar in Mexico, a concept that opened Wednesday and from which the chain expects to open five stores in total between 2018 and 2019.

While a traditional Starbucks is between 120 and 140 square meters, the Reserve Bar concept are between 280 and 300 square meters.

“It is the first Reserve Bar in Mexico and in a coffee producing country, although not the first one of Alsea. That store was in Chile,” said Gurria.

The design and decoration of this new type of store integrates the characteristics of six Mexican destinations that include Mexico City, Jalisco, Michoacán, Puebla, Oaxaca and Queretaro.

Similarly, Starbucks presented its first premium coffee of Oaxacan origin, Starbucks Reserve Mexico Oaxaca La Pluma, which will be available only in the new Reserve Bar.