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Study shows nearly 77 percent of Mexicans feel unsafe

Mexico City, Mexico — The perception of insecurity in the main cities of the country continues its upward trend.

According to the results of the nineteenth survey of the National Survey of Urban Public Safety, conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), nearly 77 percent of Mexicans do not feel safe in their own cities.

According to the study, 76.8 percent of the population aged 18 and over consider their city unsafe, the highest percentage recorded since September 2013 when Inegi began the survey.

Nearly 73 percent of adults polled say they believe that insecurity in their city will worsen or stay the same. The poll shows 72.5 percent of the adult population believe crime in their city will continue to be as bad or worse with 36.3 percent of respondents believing that over the next 12 months, the situation will worsen.

The perception of insecurity remained higher in the case of women, with 81.0 percent, while for men it was 71.8 percent. Cities with the highest percentage of people aged 18 and over who considered their city is unsafe were Eastern Region of Mexico City, with 96.7 percent of the adult population followed by Coatzacoalcos at 94.8 percent.

Citizens feeling unsafe also included Fresnillo, 94.7 percent, North Region of Mexico City, 94.0 percent, Chilpancingo, 93.3 percent and Cancún at 93.2 percent.

Cities with the lowest perception of insecurity include Mérida with 29.9 percent, Saltillo, 33.5 percent, Los Cabos, 38.8 percent, La Laguna, 47.8 percent, Durango, 48.3 percent and Piedras Negras with 48.5 .percent.

The report also revealed that 81.3 percent of the population feels insecurity in ATMs located on public roads, while 74.3 percent do not feel safe in public transport.

Among the results of the survey, the percentages of the population that identified the various police corporation performance as “very or somewhat effective” in their work to prevent and combat crime were the Navy with the highest percentage of 85.1 percent followed by the, Army (81.6%), National Gendarmerie (69.6%), Federal Police (63.4%), State Police (47.2%) and Municipal Preventive Police (38.8%).