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Taquearte says 18 new restaurants planned for this year

Mexico City, Mexico — The Mexico restaurant business is heating up with the expansion of Taquearte, a specialty chain of Mexican food.

The franchise restaurant says they will open 18 more new locations across the country this year, noting that last year, they closed with 12. In 2016, the company had only eight operating restaurants.

Geraldine Zárate, marketing director for Taquearte, says that the new restaurants will be an investment of 6 million peso each.

“This year we still have a lot of potential in Mexico City and it will be the most important because we will reach a maximum opening of stores, since in previous years we grew at a rate of four branches,” said Zárate.

In the last two years, the company has recorded growth of 20 percent per year. They say that approximately 30 percent of their total sales comes from the application UberEats with the balance deriving from in-restaurant diners.

“UberEats is our leading platform since almost 30 percent of our total sales come from it, leaving behind other food delivery platforms,” she said.

Taquearte will launch its line of cassava-prepared dishes later this month, a strategy they are hoping will attract vegetarian eaters.