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Ten schools in Acapulco suspend classes after violent robbery

Acapulco, Guerrero — Ten schools in Acapulco suspended classes until further notice after a violent robbery on a nearby school left students and teachers in fear.

At least ten intermediate schools suspended classes Wednesday as a security measure after the Cuitláhuac Telesecundaria school, located in the Frontera neighborhood in the suburban area of Acapulco, was invaded by gunmen.

Out of fear of the same thing happening to them, teachers from nearby schools have suspended classes while many parents have refused to send their children to school.

The effected schools are located in the Renacimiento neighborhood that borders the Frontera neighborhood, where more than 100 students and eight teachers were stripped of cell phones and money by a group of armed men.

Unverified reports say the gunmen also raped about 20 female students and three female teachers.

Among the schools that suspended classes are the 10th Federal Secondary School, as well as Vicente Guerrero, Adolfo López Mateos, 24 de Febrero and Francisco Sarabia, along with primary schools Adolfo Viguri, Moisés Guevara and Rubén Mora, among others.

The governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo Flores, indicated that the State Prosecutor’s Office is already investigating the incident and said he was confident of obtaining positive results in a short time.

Meanwhile, the delegate of the Educational Services of the Acapulco-Coyuca de Benítez Region, Alfredo Miranda Vergara, said he understands the fear that some parents have, but that this situation should not be taken as a pretext to begin the Easter holiday early, reminding parents that it does not begin until next Friday.