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The Electoral Court of Cocula regulates officials due to ballot irregularities

Cocula, Jalisco — The Electoral Court of the State (TEE) says they have annulled the results of the election of the City Council of Cocula.

The court says they due to irregularities, they have annulled the results of Carlos Alberto Duarte Bahena of the New Alliance Party being elected winner and have ordered the District Council to grant the victory to Teresa de Jesús Manjarrez Segura.

The non-conformity trial was filed by the PRI, where they claimed irregularities with ballot boxes. After a review by the court, the cancellation of the boxes reduced the votes of the parties and reversed the final result.

However, challenges filed against the election results of the Chilpancingo City Council confirmed the triumph of PRD Antonio Gaspar Beltrán, postulated by the coalition Por Guerrero al Frente.

The ruling granted to Margarita Flores Pineda of Movimiento Ciudadano to disqualify Óscar Garibay Valdez of the PRD was also annulled, In the trial, she requested the cancellation due to an overflow of campaign expenses, however in the ruling by the presiding magistrate René Patrón Muñoz, declared it unfounded and without evidentiary support.

After additional challenges by her, other candidates such as Javier Vázquez Calixto have also been allowed to keep his newly voted position.