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The Jump Trump offers a chance of revenge against the US president

For those with a political itch to be rid of, the Jump Trump is an enlarged photo of US president Donald Trump that “offers the cathartic chance to take revenge on the most influential man on Earth, even if only for a few ephemeral seconds.”

The photo is part of an 8 x 5 meter trampoline where participants can jump from a platform onto the face of the US president.

“Who wouldn’t jump on the face of the almighty president who separates migrant children from their parents and puts them in a cage?” say Erik Kessels (Holland) and Thomas Mailaender (France), the two artists who work with the reappropriation of images and created the Jump Trump.

Photo: Kessels & Mailaender

The large trampoline, which was created for the Getxophoto image festival in Getxo, Basque Country, will be available for Trump jumping from September 5 to 30.

More than 20 photographers are taking part in the festival which address political, ecological, human and technological issues to reflect on the meaning and consequences of conflicts and post-conflicts that affect the world.