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The US hands over two men wanted for homicide in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — The government of the United States has handed over two fugitives wanted for homicide in Mexico.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City has reported that the United States has extradited Erick E back to Mexico while deporting Henry Jonathan R.

In a statement, the Deputy Attorney General for International Affairs announced that Erick E had an arrest warrant issued by a judge in Agua Prieta, Sonora for the crime of premeditated and attempted murder.

“Once in national territory, Erik E was guarded and transferred by agents of the Public Ministry of the Federation to the Attorney General of Justice of Sonora where he will face a judge,” they explained.

As for Henry Jonathan, US authorities repatriated Henry Jonathan R who was required by the Judge of the Judicial District of Zacatecas, also for the crime of homicide.

The Mexican national was arrested in Orlando, Florida. Once the necessary arrangements were made, he was handed over via the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge that joins the cities of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and Laredo, Texas

There, he was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Agency of Mexico.