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Thousands march for doctor arrested on accusations of medial malpractice

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca — Doctors are demanding the release of a fellow coworker who has been arrested for homicide following the death of a patient.

On Sunday, students and professionals marched for the freedom of doctor Luis Alberto who is being accused of medical malpractive.

Members from 32 schools and associations of specialists in different disciplines of health, students and workers of public institutions of the sector, marched Sunday in the capital of Oaxaca to demand the immediate release of doctor Luis Alberto.

The demonstrators also gathered to demand the resignation of the Attorney General of the State, Rubén Vasconcelos Méndez, for “irregular and inconsistent” criminal procedures.

The president of the Mexican Federation of Colleges of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Máximo Gómez, says that Dr. Luis Alberto is being convicted as a citizen and used as an example in a coercive manner.

Alberto was arrested on accusations of intentional homicide in regard to child patient, Edward Luna. According to the criminal case file, the incident occurred November 26 when the child arrived at the hospital with a broken arm.

Originally from San Pablo Huitzo, the child was transferred to the health center of Telixtlahuaca and, on the instructions of the medical staff, was taken to the civil hospital. There they were informed that they were short staffed so his parents took him to a hospital in the Reforma neighborhood of the city of Oaxaca de Juárez.

Once there, they were told that an operation would be performed by the pediatric traumatologist Luis Alberto. At 22:30 hours the child was admitted to the operating room and was reported to have died at 3:00 a.m. after suffering from a cardiac arrest.

More than 70 cities across Mexico took part in the march for the freedom of Dr. Luis Alberto on Sunday, marching with signs outside the State Attorney General’s office.

The doctor’s union says that if they follow through with the accusation, it would set a legal precedent against doctors in the event of the death of a patient.

Doctor Luis Alberto was arrested Sunday and taken to the Santa Maria Ixcotel prison.

The Deputy Prosecutor of the State Prosecutor General’s Office, Alejandro Magno, says that it is medical malpractice and is the first case to be carried in the adversarial accusatory system in the Central Valleys.