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Three Italian men in Mexico on business reported missing

Tecatitlán, Jalisco — Police in the Mexican community of Tecalitlán are under investigation after relatives of three Italians reported they disappeared after being detained by uniformed men, the regional prosecutor’s office said.

The elements that make up the Tecalitlán police from the state of Jalisco will be taken to the capital Guadalajara, “for their training and in turn, to continue with the investigation,” regional prosecutor, Raúl Sánchez, said a press conference.

The secretary general of the local government, Roberto López said the investigation could also be carried out by the division specialized in the investigation of organized crime (SEIDO) of the general prosecutor’s office.

The three men were reported missing January 31 when relatives said that was the last contact they had. The three, who were in the area for business, were reportedly arrested at a gas station in Tecalitlán.

The last thing that was learned about the Italians is that they were stopped by the police , said Mario de Vita, a relative of the disappeared.

The Jalisco prosecutor said that the Italians were in Mexico to sell power plants and welding tools. Police continue to investigate the disappearance of three Italians in Jalisco nearly three weeks s after disappearing.

The missing Italian men are identified as Raffaele Russo, 60, his son Antonio Russo, 25, and his nephew Vincenzo Cimmino, 29, all from the Naples area.