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Three official presidential candidates for Mexico rally publicly

Mexico City, Mexico — The three presidential candidates for Mexico José Antonio Meade, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Ricardo Anaya, have formalized their electoral intentions

José Antonio Meade is a candidate for the All for Mexico coalition, made up of the PRI, Green Ecologist Party of Mexico and New Alliance. On Sunday, Meade said “It will be one of the most difficult battles,” using the hashtag “yo mero”, to be recognized for taking the country forward if he wins the election.

In his first speech as a standard-bearer, he undertook to take charge of social demands and disappointment and to create, during the campaign, a record of the needs of the population to attend them when he wins the Presidency. He reiterated his proposal to remove money and weapons from criminals.

In an address to his supports for president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) promised to increase the wages of the workers and refuse to live in the Official Residence of Los Pinos, which will become a space for the public enjoyment of art and culture. In his government he added he will not allow amiguísimo or nepotism.

He also confirmed his commitment to get rid of Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional. “People’s private lives will be respected,” he said. Human rights will not be violated and those who do will be punished with rigor. ” None of those infamies are going to be committed,” he added.

In economic plans, he warned that public debt will not be increased in real terms. “Domestic and foreign investment will be promoted and public, private and social sector convergence will be sought,” he said.

The VAT will not increase nor will the project to charge VAT on medicines or food be approved, nor will it increase the ISR. In energy, he promised that the six existing refineries will be modernized and two will be built as well as improving the ports such as Salina Cruz and Coatzacoalcos.

Ricardo Anaya rendered a protest as candidate of the Front for Mexico  (PAN-PD-MC) to the Presidency of the Republic. At the beginning of his speech prior to his protest he said, “Those who were already floating their hands for a supposed conflict with Javier Corral were left with the desire.”

During his protest, he promised to fight the three ” tumors” that plague the country, corruption, insecurity and the lack of economic growth. To eliminate corruption, the former PAN leader said he will fight organized crime, “but starting from the desk of officials.”

The event began with forced marches and with a delay of more than an hour, the National Auditorium was filled. The presidential elections for Mexico are set for July 1.