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Tourism officials intend to focus on Mexicans living in US

Mexico City, Mexico — With just over 39 million visitors to the country in 2017, Mexican tourism officials say that this year, they intend to focus their attention on Mexicans living in the United States.

Tourism secretary Enrique de la Madrid Cordero will begin a tour of different cities in the American Union to promote tourism in Mexico among the Hispanic community.

“We travel through the United State looking for first, second and third generation Mexicans to visit our country.”

During the year of 2017 more than 39 million visitors came to our country. Enrique de la Madrid said that in four years Mexico could reach up to 50 million visitors a year, a figure that countries such as Italy draw.

“Mexico has been investing in tourism for many years, every time there are more flights and the elimination of visas, we increase the numbers.”

For the head of SECTUR, our country must work to consolidate tourism destinations as safe, have sustainable urban growth and continue to professionalize the sector.

Enrique de la Madrid estimates that at the end of the six-year term the number of Magic Towns will close at 120 since the brand has been in the minds of visitors and the program has been strengthened.