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Tourist boardwalk in Mazatlan being upgraded, resurfaced

Mazatlan, Sinaloa — The boardwalk in the city of Mazatlan is being resurfaced to replace pavement that was deteriorating.

Over the course of three days, a section of the seven-kilometer-long walkway of the Mazatlan tourist boardwalk has already been ripped up.

The replacement pavement is a project headed by the federal government with resources at a cost of nearly 120 million peso. The entire project will see the replacement of not only pavement, but also the replacement of some water and drainage pipes.

Secretary of Canaco, Guillermo Romero, stressed that the advances are needed and the work, once complete, will be of quality and comply with the agreed terms. He admitted that there is controversy surrounding whether or not the work is required, but stressed that it is a project they are obligated to complete.

While the project is being worked on, the company will meet with local authorities every eight days to provide an update.

He says that during the replacement, lanes along the beach area will continue to be affected, adding that they are doing their best to create the least amount of traffic chaos as possible by creating temporary road diversions.