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Tourist police allowed to resume duties in Acapulco after military take over

Acapulco, Guerrero — The Tourist Police are the only police who have been permitted to resumed their positions after a complete takeover by the military last week.

Acapulco’s tourist police is the only security body in Acapulco that resumed its functions with weapons after state and federal authorities took control of the Ministry of Public Security for the alleged infiltration of organized crime.

The city’s tourist police, who have been in force for three years, were allowed to resume their duties since they are certified agents who have passed exams. “We are certified in social proximity, we have training courses in foreign languages and we are currently taking more courses,” said Manuel Camargo Sánchez, a member of the Tourist Police.

“In three years we have not had an issue with the Council of Honor and Justice. These are policeman who have been governed by the values of honesty and discipline,” explained Manuel Flores Sonduk, Tourist Police of Acapulco.

A governing difference with the city’s other security forces is that they are not trained.

The tourist police force mirror the appearance from other states such as Yucatan, Queretaro and Quintana Roo. In three years the corporation grew from 40 to 250 members, 90 of them women, and operates with four specialized divisions: Preventive Tourist Police, Tourist Assistance, Marine Rescue and Medical Emergencies.

Last week, the military took over police operations in the city of Acapulco, arresting three police, one of which was a commander. The take over occurred after state officials detected cooperation from the city’s police with organized crime members.