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Train theft figures surpass 500 already this year

A report shows that railway theft has increased dramatically over the past year, with more than 500 recorded already for 2018.

According to the safety report of the Railway Transport Regulatory Agency (ARTF), 561 train assaults have been recorded between January and March, while during the same period of the previous year, they recorded 41.

Their report shows a staggering increase in the theft of goods transported by rail across the country. It shows that rail theft has increased from one recorded theft every two days in 2017, to an average of 6.2 thefts per day since the beginning of 2018.

The reports says, “In particular, the products with the highest number of theft reports correspond to grains and flours (165 events), finished and consumer products (161 events), auto parts (133 events) and construction material (102 events).”

The document pinpoints more than half of the robberies were concentrated in the five state of Puebla, Veracruz, Jalisco, Guanajuato and Sonora.

Federal deputy Alfredo Dávila says there is no intention by the Ministry of the Interior to include the theft of the train as a serious crime, as proposed by his initiative to reform the laws of National Security as well as the Federal Criminal and National Criminal Procedure codes.

The argument, which remains before the Chamber of Deputies, is that after the entry of the new criminal justice and the abrogation system, the crime of railroad robbery and its goods are no longer considered a precautionary measure, but warrants an informal pre-trial detention of thieves.

“That is, even when the offender is found in the illicit act, or as they say, with his hands on the dough, when he has the blowtorch to cut the train tracks and derail it, he is quickly freed,” explained the legislator.

According to the safety report, Puebla has the highest number of incidents of robbery to railways with 16.3 percent of the total recorded during this period, averaging 1.5 thefts per day. Last year, Puebla was placed 10th in the country with the state of Mexico taking first place.

Now, Puebla is in first. The increase of railway theft in Puebla coincides with the analysis of police authorities on the diversification of illicit activities that continue to plague the region.

The government of Veracruz says that the Banda de Los Rosas, led by Alonso and Eligio Rosas, are considered the likely thieves responsible for the train robberies that crosses those regions.