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Tropical depression Ramon overflows rivers, causes mudslides

San Juan Guichicovi, Oaxaca — The state of Oaxaca has declated an emergency as the River Malatengo overflowed.

Torrential rains from tropical storm Ramon saw the banks of the municipality’s main river burst. With more than 12 hours of continual rainfall, other rivers begain spilling water over their banks, causing concern and evacuations.

The overflowing rivers caused damaged to agricultural land located in the municipalities Guichicovi and Unión Hidalgo.

State Civil Protection of Oaxaca reported that the excessive rains were also what caused the overflow of two rivers in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Along with people and their homes, agricultural land and livestock were also affected by the tropical storm. State emergency services said they have prepared a plan to evacuate people in the flooded areas and move them to a safer place.

Tropical storm Ramon is also responsible for several landslides along roadways between San Gabriel-Palomares and Mezquite-La Ventosa.

According to AccuWeather, although Ramon reached tropical storm status, it quickly weakened to a tropical depression. Even with the weakened storm, Ramon is expected to cause more downpours across southern Mexico and enhance the risk of additional flooding and mudslides.

Downpours are expected to occur around and near the coast from Oaxaca westward into Michoacan with 50-100 mm of rain.

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