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Trumps hints at Pentagon paying for Mexico wall

According to the Washington Post, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, began to suggest that the Pentagon could finance the wall, alluding to a risk of “national security”.

During his campaign, Trump said Mexico would pay for a wall, however now, he is pressing the US military to finance it.

“Trump often said that Mexico would pay for a wall while seeking the presidency in 2016. Now, he is pressuring the United States military privately to finance the construction of his project,” the newspaper said.

After passing on his proposal to several advisers last week, Trump told Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan that the military should pay for the wall during a meeting at the White House, according to three people familiar with the meeting.

A few days ago, Trump said that the work to put a wall on the border with Mexico will begin immediately.

“Much can be done with the $ 1.6 billion granted to build and repair the border wall. It’s just a down payment. The work will begin immediately,” the president said in his Twitter account.