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Tulum sends sargassum message to the world

Tulum, Quintana Roo — A beach clean up done by volunteers in the seaside resort of Tulum resulted in locals leaving a message.

Rather than the traditional message in a bottle, residents used the seaweed to write out several messages, one of which was Cuidemos Nuestro Planeta (Let’s Take Care of Our Planet).

The sargasso or sargassum message was outlined in the sand and a hovering drone used to take photos to send their message to the world as citizens called for more awareness and involvement in the preservation of the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean.

Love, peace, were some of the other phrases that they wrote took pictures of.

Tulum is just one of the beaches along the Yucatan coast and in the Atlantic region dealing with the large amounts of seagrass. The unwanted sargasso has affected beaches from Brazil to Florida this year, with scientists saying although it is seasonal, it will remain an ongoing problem.