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Two arrested in murder of Mexican journalist Carlos Dominguez

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas — Police say they have arrested two people for the January murder of Mexican journalist Carlos Dominguez.

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas made the two arrests, both of whom are supposedly independent reporters from the city of Nuevo Laredo.

The arrests are added to that of Jorge Alfredo Cantú García, relative of the candidate of Morena to the mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Carlos Cantú Rosas, who was arrested last Saturday and also considered related to the killing.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Freedom of Expression of the Attorney General of the Republic has a part in the investigation as does the Attorney General’s Office of Tamaulipas.

The search operations continue in Nuevo Laredo.

Domínguez Rodríguez wrote a political column and worked in El Diario de Nuevo Laredo. The Attorney General of Tamaulipas said that 77-year-old Carlos Domínguez was killed after being stabbed 21 times while in his car on the afternoon of January 12.

Dominguez was approached by several people who attacked him after he stopped at a traffic light. Four other people were with him in the car at the time of the stabbing, however, no others were injured.

“The crime was directed to him, there were companions and they did not touch them,” said the Barrios of the prosecutor’s office.

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism. In 2017, 12 reporters were murdered, which brought the figures to to 39 murders of journalists during the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018).