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Two inmates escape from Cuautitlán prison

Cuautitlán , State of Mexico — Authorities of the State of Mexico confirmed the escape of two inmates from the prison in Cuautitlán, Mexico after an explosion in the courthouse area on Sunday afternoon.

The escapees were identified as Oscar Galindo González and José Ángel Ortega Esteban. The Ministry of Security requested the collaboration of citizens to locate the two escapees.

According to the Undersecretary of Penitentiary Control of the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico, a third inmate who also tried to escape was captured by the state police.

“Two of three people involved in the plan escaped from the Penitentiary and Social Rehabilitation Center of Cuautitlán, Mexico after an explosion caused a distraction on the outside of the courts,” the undersecretary said in a statement.

For security purposes, authorities have suspended family visits.

“The dissemination of their names and faces does not violate the due process or the presumption of innocence at any time because they are made known only for the purpose of recapturing them so they are made available to the competent authorities for their offense”, clarified the undersecretary.