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Two men die in shootout with Acapulco police

Acapulco, Guerrero — Two men have reportedly died after an encounter with Acapulco police during a robbery.

Two men are said to have died after they tried to flee a convenience store after a robbery. The pair of thieves were involved in a shootout with Acapulco state police that resulted in their deaths.

The Secretary of Public Safety of the state reported that during the confrontation, a state policeman was injured and the patrol vehiclr was left with several bullet holes.

Through a communiqué, it was reported that around 6:10 p.m., the first Battalion of the State was carrying out crime prevention safety tours when he was approached by convenience store staff who stated that two armed men had assaulted them and fled in a taxi.

Police began an operation to search and locate the alleged assailants on Antena street in the Renacimiento neighborhood.

Upon noticing police presence, the alleged assailants began to fire at the policemen from the moving taxi. Police pursued the vehicle the direction of Colonia La Venta, however, the driver eventually lost control of the car and crashed.

Police moved in on the two armed robbers, who were reportedly carrying a UZI sub-machine gun and a 380-caliber pistol. The Attorney General said that both men were killed by police in the shootout.