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Two police officers arrested for assaulting photo journalist

Mexico City, Mexico — The Attorney General’s Office completed two arrest warrants against Armando Pérez Paez and Javier Dávila Salinas, both Mexico City police officers, for assault against journalist Adrián Alejando Medina Guzmán.

The arrests stem from an assault in 2013 when both officers allegedly detained Medina Guzmán without cause during a commemorative march in October of that year. The investigation alleged that the photo journalist was arrested without reason and held while covering the event.

According to Medina Guzmán, after having unjustifiably being detained, he was robbed of his possessions including the items he used for his work. He also says that he was eventually released, but without the officers complying with the applicable norms.

The investigation against the police officers was made by the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Attention of Crimes Committed against Freedom of Expression.