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Two policemen being investigated for drug money, bribery

Mexico City, Mexico — Two policemen are being investigated by the Attorney General of Mexico City after a video broadcast in which they are seen talking with drug traffickers and accepting money.

In the video, a man identified as a detective takes numerous bills, counts them and puts them quietly in his pocket. The video apparently came from a security camera of an apartment building in the poor neighborhood of Tepito, known for decades for its violence, drugs and contraband.

On Monday, the Attorney General of Mexico City said it opened an investigation into the case, which was referred to the police’s internal affairs unit.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor for the Investigation of Crimes Committed by Public Servants officially initiated an investigation for the crime of bribery to establish or accredit any criminal liability.

They specified that the matter was turned over to the Honor and Justice Council of the Attorney General’s Office  so that the internal sanctions could be determined. In a statement, authorities said the investigation will be to determine the possible commission of a crime and, where appropriate, apply the legal penalty.