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Two shot in Cancun after withdrawing cash from bank

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men were shot at after leaving a bank in Cancun with cash. The shooting occurred at 3:00 p.m. Monday in SM 17 when the two men left their bank to get into their vehicle.

Traveling together in the same car, the two suddenly found themselves the target of gunfire. Police say the pair had withdrawn 86,000 peso in cash from an account. They walked back to the car in which they arrived.

It was then they were approached by someone with a gun who demanded the cash. When they refused, the gunman began firing shots at them. Both men were hit and taken to separate hospitals listed in serious condition.

Witnesses report hearing two gunshots before seeing the men flee the area in a private vehicle.

Ricardo N, one of the shot men, was transferred by an ambulance from the Red Cross to the IMSS clinic due to the seriousness of the injury he suffered, while his companion was taken to the Specialties Hospital of the IMSS in Region 510.