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Two traffic cops in Veracruz arrested for extortion

Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz — Two traffic agents in Veracruz were arrested by their own after being reported for extortion.

The incident occurred in the municipality of Martínez de la Torre when two traffic police stopped a man. They approached the vehicle and requested his papers, to which the driver handed over. Claiming there were irregularities in the paperwork, the traffic cops requested a large sum of money, however, the driver did not have it on him.

While police kept his papers, the driver and police agreed to meet that afternoon for an exchange of cash for his vehicle papers. Unable to pay the money, the driver went to the police and reported the two traffic cops.

When it came time for driver and traffic cops to meet, local police were on hand instead. The two, identified as Mario R. M y Miguel R. V., were arrested by members of their local police force.

The pair were taken into custody on charges of extortion and handed over to the General State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) where their legal situation will be determined.