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Undersecretary says improvement for rights of journalists, protection in works

Mexico City, Mexico — The rights of journalists along with the exchange of information is to be improved after years of abuse, threats and disappeared reporters around the country.

The Undersecretary of Human Rights, Rafael Avante made the announcement saying that mechanisms for human rights defenders and journalists will improve with better modes of protection.

The official said that the exchange of information will also be improved, some aspects of protocols and protection measures will be agreed upon and communication will be more effective.

After leading a meeting with the heads of state units responsible for the protection of journalists, Avante Juarez said that strategies were exchanged and actions were evaluated to make the mechanism more efficient.

The meeting included secretaries and undersecretaries of state governments, as well as some prosecutors’ offices related to the protection of freedom of expression and the protection of human rights defenders.

Avante recalled that the capacity of discussion and interaction with state units is fundamental since it requires coordinated, articulated and timely work among the different instances of government.

The undersecretary stressed that this “Is about improving the task of protecting journalists and human rights defenders, improving the exchange of information, standardizing some aspects of the corresponding protocols and protection measures as well as giving greater effectiveness to the communication and closeness with the beneficiaries.”

In particular, he said, with the organizations of journalists and the companies dedicated to communication, “So that we all join forces and make a common cause of safeguarding the freedom of expression and protecting the integrity and performance of the defenders of human rights.”