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Unverified news of bombs provokes US to issue Mexico alert

Cancun, Quintana Roo — The United States has issued an alert for its employees traveling to the Cancun and Playa del Carmen region after false news of a bomb being discovered on local ferries.

The unverified news hit social media with the circulation of an unverified photograph showing a white tube tied to the underside of a boat, however the tube nor the boat have been identified or verified. Reacting on the fake news, the US issued an alert stating, “On March 1, unexploded ordnance were found by Mexican authorities on a tourist ferry that operates between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen,” the embassy said on its website.

The embassy stressed that this incident adds to the February 21 accident when an explosive device detonated in a tourist ferry in  Playa del Carmen,  leaving a number of injured, including some Americans who were discharged the same day.

The embassy pointed out that US government employees “are prohibited from using all the tourist ferries on this route until further notice ” and that Mexican authorities are investigating.

According to a report by The Hearld of Mexico, the  Secretariat of the Navy received a warning about these explosive devices on a Barcos Caribe ship, which was anchored about 500 meters from the dock on the island of Cozumel, according to sources from the Mexican government who asked not to be identified.

While the news circulates, federal authorities have yet to officially rule either way on the matter. The boat, which was involved in the February 21 explosion in Playa del Carmen, remains docked at Cozumel while both American FBI and Mexican federal officials continue their investigation.

The  State Government of Quintana Roo issued a statement saying that, “A preliminary report from the State Port Authority informed them that the comments on social networks related to the Barcos Caribe boat as a carrier of a alleged explosive device, was only used to transport parts.”

They added that that particular boat was anchored 500 meters from the coast of Cozumel and had been out of service for 10 months.

The boat, he added, was located 500 meters from the coast of Cozumel and has 10 months without

“The indicated vessel of Barcos Caribe did not represent, nor represent, any danger to the daily passengers of Cozumel nor to the tourists who visit our tourist destinations,” the Mexican government added.