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US deports ex-secretary of César Duarte, Mexico makes arrest

Mexico City, Mexico — The private ex-secretary of former governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte, has been arrested in Mexico after being deported from the United States.

Jesús Manuel Luna Hernández, who was the private secretary of former governor César Duarte during the last years of his mandate, was arrested in Mexico Tuesday on an outstanding arrest warrant for embezzlement.

In a statement, the agency reported that the former official was apprehended for his probable responsibility in the crime of aggravated embezzlement to the detriment of the treasury.

Luna Hernández is said to have been responsible for providing more than 300,000 peso in funding on plane fares for the son of the former Chihuahuan governor.

“The police action was carried out on the morning of Tuesday with the completion of an arrest warrant against him after being deported by US authorities,” said the prosecution office.

The General Prosecutor’s Office reported that Manual Luna spent more than a month in a Colorado prison before being deported. Luna Hernandez was arrested in Thornton, Colorado in March and deported Tuesday by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service.

Jesús Manuel Luna Hernández was arrested by US authorities in March after being stopped at a red light in Denver. After checking his identification, Denver police found he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest with Mexico.

He was arrested and taken to a jail in Aurora County, Colorado where he’s remained. He was arrested in Mexico after being deported by the United States.