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US says they do not have extradition order for former governor César Duarte

Mexico City, Mexico — Although the Mexican government says they have asked the United States for the extradition of former Chihuahua governor César Duarte Jáquez, U.S. Marshals say Mexico has not provided an order to arrest him.

“They have not asked us to stop him,” said Jesus Lozano, U.S. Marshal agent in El Paso, Texas.

Mexican officials presume Duarte Jáquez to be in El Paso, Texas, however, Lozano said that if he is located in the El Paso area, they need an order from the US Department of Justice to arrest him.

“I know who you are talking about, but we do not have anything,” he insisted. Among the missions of the US Marshal Service of the USA is to arrest fugitives.

At a press conference last month, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico said that the United States would be asked to extradite the ex-governor of Chihuahua.

Duarte, 54, is accused of diverting more than $13.5 million USD to political campaigns, according to a denunciation of the current governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral. He is also attributed to the deviation of about $53.5 million USD through shell companies and other electoral crimes.

The Government of the State of Chihuahua says it has requested 11 arrest warrants against Duarte, insisting that César Duarte resides in El Paso.

According to an investigation by Mexicanos against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), César Duarte has at least nine houses in El Paso.

“Records of several of them are in his name or that of his closest relatives. One of these properties has a value of $2.5 millionUSD and is one of the most expensive in the exclusive area of Amelia Drive,” reported Processo.

In March of 2017, Interpol included Duarte among the most wanted people in the world.

According to the information published on its website, Interpol has requested his preventive detention, with a view to extradition, in 190 member countries.

According to Interpol, the charges against him are aggravated embezzlement and others related to electoral crimes.