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Veracruz forest fire sees 2,000 evacuated

Las Vigas de Ramírez, Veracruz — A forest fire in the municipality of Las Vigas has resulted in more than 2,000 being evacuated.

The Secretariat of Civil Protection reported that 2,000 people have been evacuated as a result of the forest fire in the Toxtlacoaya ejido in the municipality of Las Vigas de Ramírez that began Monday morning around 7:30.

The fire has since, quickly spread to more than 200 hectares.

The communities of Hoja Anchas and San Juan del Monte are the most at-risk. Firefighting staff of the National Forestry Commission are in the area with support of firefighters from both Perote and Xalapa, to combat and control flames.

Photos: la Comisión Nacional Forestal

The Secretary of Civil Protection, Guadalupe Osorno Maldonado, reported that approximately 2,000 people from the two communities in that area have been evacuated.

Although the cause has not yet been determined, land-burning is customary in the area. When the practice is not done with proper precautions, forest fires often occur.