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Veracruz government reinforces train security after another derailment

Veracruz — The Government of Veracruz says that starting today, freight trains from Orizaba to Puebla have resumed. The announcement comes after the derailment of a train that some are calling sabotage.

At a press conference, Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes said that the Veracruz Coordination group, made up of federal and state forces, will reinforce surveillance on the railway.

Among the agreements to guarantee transportation security is the reinforcement of the surveillance of the security of the Mexican Government, which consists of the Army and Navy, in addition to the Attorney General’s Office, Federal Police and state forces.

The governor added that surveillance will be increased in the areas of Orizaba and Puebla, is where they record a higher incidence of damage to railway lines. In that area is where elements of the Army, the National Gendarmerie and personnel of the railway company Grupo México Transportes will concentrate.

In order to better survey the lines, personnel will have day and night vision drones and radio communication systems to detect possible criminal activity.

Yunes pointed out that they still do not know who or what is responsible for the derailment of a train Saturday adding, “We will fight it, whether it was a mechanical failure or a criminal act”.

On May 19, two trains collided on the Orizaba line. Ferromex issued a statement that contradicts Veracruz authorities who said the collision was an accident, however, Ferromex says criminals were the ones who caused the impact.

Ferromex published a statement on their Twitter account that the derailment was an “act of sabotage” of people who manipulated the braking system of a train that was scheduled to travel from Veracruz to the state of Puebla.

The Government of Veracruz through the Secretariat of Civil Protection, explained that it was an accident and it will be up to the Prosecutor of Veracruz to confirm or rule out if it was a derailment in an attempt to rob the train.

Ferromex says they require the government of Veracruz to guarantee the safety conditions necessary to continue the operation of freight trains throughout the state.

Just last Monday, after there were two consecutive attacks on the structure of roads in Acultzingo, Governor Miguel Angel Yunes Linares denied that in the state of Veracruz there were assaults and robberies on trains.

The state executive justified that these attacks took place on the border between the Veracruz and the state of Puebla and that in that area, only derailments occurred.