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Willa hits Sinola causing material damage while Veracruz waits for Vicente

Sinola, Mexico — Hurricane Willa has passed with the governor of Sinola saying the worst is over.

Sinaloa governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel confirmed no deaths were reported during the passage of Hurricane Willa. Ordaz Coppel said that the heavy rains and strong winds resulted in material damage mostly in the municipality of Escuinapa where the hurricane hit, and that towns along the coast also suffered some damage.

A majority of the damages consist of fallen trees and knocked over electrical posts, leaving the area without electricity or drinking water.

“Numerous communities are flooded that are not easily accessible now due to knocked over poles,” he said. “In a few more hours, inspections will be made and the material damage suffered by the state will be accounted for.”

The governor of Sinaloa commented that “the worst has already happened in the state” and reiterated that the most important thing is that no human losses were reported due to preventive work including evacuations and the opening of 19 emergency shelters.

Quirino Ordaz said that on Wednesday, authorities with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will make a tour of the affected towns so that the electric power service is restored so the water supply can be restored as soon as possible since they are basic services.”


However in Veracruz, officials say that Rivers Papaloapan and Coatzacoalcos could overflow by rains from Tropical Storm Vicente. Both have received large amounts of water reaching the mountain areas of Oaxaca and Veracruz.

In Tlacotalpán, located in the Papaloapan basin, they are preparing for the anticipated flooding of the river. The Navy of Mexico and the Mexican Army are working to place makeshift dams that they hope will prevent the Papaloapan River water from affecting the historic center of the city.