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Woman arrested for stealing newborn from Guadalajara hospital

Guadalajara, Jalisco — A woman has been arrested after she was seen leaving a hospital with a newborn that was not her own.

The parents of the child said the woman told them she was a pediatrician and needed to take the child for tests to which the parents agreed, however, when the baby was not returned, the parents notified hospital staff who began a search.

The woman, who reportedly took the baby to her home town of Cabanillas del Campo, raised suspicion at a pharmacy when she was unable to answer basic questions about the child. From this, pharmacy staff reported the incident to authorities, which helped them locate the woman and child.

Reports say the woman had lost her own baby at some point, which led her to steal the newborn. Hospital surveillance videoed the 35-year-old woman leaving the hospital with the infant. She was arrested in her hometown at 1:00 p.m. the same day. The baby was unhurt.