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Youths rob Puerto Vallarta jewelry stores in broad daylight

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco — Two jewelry stores in the seaside city of Puerto Vallarta were robbed at gunpoint and in broad daylight.

Both of the heists occurred nearly simultaneously by more than a dozen thieves who helped themselves to jewelry at two stores in the city. Police are calling the set up a Marro band-style of robbery, involving numerous people carrying pistols and rifles.

Upon entering the Diamond International store, the armed men forced the on site the security guards to seize the jewelry in the different showcases.

One person managed to record the act in a video that has been broadcast on social networks, which shows that in 45 seconds, the thieves achieved their mission and then fled aboard a truck which was abandoned two blocks from the place of the robbery.

The second robbery occurred at a jewelry store at Plaza La Isla and also had a getaway vehicle waiting mere blocks from the plaza.

Three of the alleged assailants have been arrested, confirmed the Puerto Vallarta Police Commissioner, Jorge Valencia.

It was a very well organized band that operates in Mexico City. They come from there, but they operate within the Republic. Once the arrest was achieved on our part, all the recovered evidence and the persons who were insured were made available to the Attorney General of Jalisco,” said the police chief.

The subjects were videotaped by the security cameras located in the docked businesses, the surrounding areas and on public roads.

In another clip recorded by a passer-by, one of the assailants is seen hitting an employee at the door of the jewelry establishment, and after committing the theft, they escape in a gray truck.

In another recording, the delinquents are seen taking flight in a van. When intercepted by the police, they run from their car in different directions still carrying weapons, to escape being arrested.

On the main avenue, the running thieves stripped off their clothes and dropped their weapons to avoid being identified by authorities, however three were caught.

One of the detainees is a native of the state of Mexico and identified as Alejandro “N”, 20 years old. The other two have been identified as Yabri Antonio “N”, 22 years old and 20-year-old Juan “N”.